Jurnal Manajemen Industri dan Logistik


Jurnal Manajemen Industri dan Logistik translated Journal of Management Industry and Logistic (hence JMIL) is a periodical scientific journal, blind peer reviewed, open-access journal, in specializes Logistic Management, Industrial Marketing, and International Trade education. JMIL's first edition published in 2017. JMIL is published and imprinted twice in every volume by Polytechnic APP Jakarta, one of vocational campus owned by Ministry of Industry Indonesia, in partnership with Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasa Pengiriman Ekspres, Pos dan Logistik Indonesia / Indonesian Express Delivery Companies Association (ASPERINDO). Click here to Download MoU

 The JMIL is a nationally accredited by the Directorate General for Research Strengthening and Development, the Ministry of Research and Technology for Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia Cluster 4 (Decree 10/E/KPT/2019).

JMIL also invites academician/researchers/contributors to submit research papers, technical papers, conceptual papers, and scholarly articles in Bahasa Indonesia or English to be published through this Journal. All articles will be reviewed by experts before accepted for publication. Article submitted have to meet criterias Contribution to existing knowledge, Organization and Readibility, Soundness of Methodology, Evidence Supports Conclusion, Adequacy of Literatur Review, Renewal of Issues.


 Some updates changed are :

  • Start Volume 3 No. 2, 2019. Review article changed from single blind review to double blind review.
  • Start Volume 4, 2020. Format of article template changed to new template.

Jurnal Manajemen Industri dan Logistik is abstracting & indexing in the following databases: 

Jurnal Manajemen Industri dan Logistik published twice a year in May and November.


  • Logistic
  • Warehouse
  • Production planning
  • Procurement
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Inventory
  • Service management
  • Sales management
  • Decision Support System
  • Brand management
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Open economy
  • Trade Model
  • Export and Import
  • Custom policy
  • Documentary credit

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Tim Redaktur JMIL mengucapkan Selamat menjalankan ibadah Ramadhan 1441 H, Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Bathin.

Kami tetap Publikasi bulan Mei dan November.

Posted: 2020-04-24



Please welcome

New Reviewer JMIL ta. 2020
Prof. Dr. Musran Munizu SE. M.Si. CIPM
(supply chain , logistic)
Univ. Hasanuddin, makasar
Dr. Aziz muslim ST. MSE
(international trade)
Akademi meteorologi, kementerian perdagangan


Posted: 2020-02-17
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Table of Contents


Raihan Ahmad Fadhil (Universitas Pertamina), Eko Gito Prabowo (PT. Pertamina EP), A. A. N. Perwira Redi (Universitas Pertamina)
| Abstract views: 308 | Abstract only views: 62
Sirma Oktaviani (Universitas Indonesia), Sartika Djamaluddin (Universitas Indonesia)
| Abstract views: 182 | Abstract only views: 40
Dahliyah Hayati (Politeknik APP)
| Abstract views: 107 | Abstract only views: 9
Winarno (Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang), A. A. N. Perwira Redi (Universitas Pertamina)
| Abstract views: 111 | Abstract only views: 24
Muhamad As'adi (UPN Veteran Jakarta), Akhmad Nidhomuz Zaman (UPN Veteran Jakarta), Alina Cynthia Dewi (UPN Veteran Jakarta), Arraz Naoval Viacenza (UPN Veteran Jakarta), Donny Montreano (UPN Veteran Jakarta)
| Abstract views: 21 | Abstract only views: 7
Rahman soesilo (Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Mutu Muhammadiyah), Yahdi Firmansyah (Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Mutu Muhammadiyah), Sartono (Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Mutu Muhammadiyah)
| Abstract views: 6 | Abstract only views: 1
Muhammad Rafi Iqbal (Universitas Widyatama), Ismail Hasan (Universitas Widyatama), Aldi Satria Gusmon (Universitas Widyatama)
| Abstract views: 0 | Abstract only views: 0