Muhammad Zahari(1), Ashur Harmadi(2), MUSTIKA MUSTIKA(3), Sardjana Orba Manullang(4), Dyah Handayani Dewi(5),

(1) Universitas Batanghari
(2) Universitas Gunadarma
(4) Universitas Krisnadwipayana
(5) Universitas Nasional
Corresponding Author


The Industrial Revolution broke through is a non-compulsory. The Entire industry sector in all world should be prepared and join up this revolution. This revolution will lead to the open market competition during globalization era which is suppressing the company by the rapid development of the Industry which includes technological development, economic changes behavior, cultural and society development; and market change trends. The circumstance encouraged the business to advance and evolve with the times. The local government directly controls state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The most important aspect in this revolution is company trust, especially if there is a focus on providing goods or services to the neighborhood. Ensuring the ability of SOEs in this revolution and achieves its obligation, there are several issues should be solved and identified to increase the Company Image, such as; corporate culture issues, organizational structure, employees, intervention from the bureaucracy. The goal of this study was to identify the key elements that would help design procedures for improving corporate images in urban company. The studies were quantitative and used observation, questioning, and interviews as three key sources of data. Data analysis and model building with process determination came next. With a path coefficient of 0.94, the results show that the Customer Satisfaction variable and the Corporate Image variable are positively correlated. Corporate Image increases by 0.94 units or has an impact of 0.94 units on the increase in Corporate Image if Customer Satisfaction increases. The overall impact of service quality on client satisfaction at PDAM Tirta Indragiri is 67.86 percent. Understanding what is desired and expected by the customer to be offered or given by the company is critical to service quality. Quality of service is a company's business that strives to improve the quality of its processes, products, and services. While the Water Supply Company (PDAM) is a local domination that provides urban water, supply has the potential to improve public services in terms of clean water quality. Product quality, such as water clarity, colour, and odour, is the customer satisfaction dimension with the lowest value, in line with the distribution performance issue. Therefore, to improve water quality and distribution, quality control management must be planned, implemented, and carried out systematically and continuously.


State-owned enterprises; Industrial Revolution 4.0; Corporate Image; Regional Water Management Company; Customer Satisfaction

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